3D (parallel view method)
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world 1.0
camera 1.0
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world 1.0
camera 1.0
Camera Location:
Enter a triangle index or use the 'select' cursor to select a triangle.
Click three times in the texture image below to select a triangular texture patch.
Clicking in the texture image will automaticaly cycle through the v0, v1, and v2 assignments.
normal, binormal, tangent
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HTML5 local video file player example
HTML5 YouTube™ video file player example
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  1. Enter a YouTube video id.
  2. Click "Get Video Info" button.
  3. Click "Get Video Info" link.
  4. Open downloaded content (get_video_info) in a text editor.
  5. Copy all text editor content.
  6. Paste content into text area.
  7. Click "Extract MP4 URL" button.
  8. Click "Extract MP4 URL" link.
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