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The JP Brown CubeSolver

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Designed by JP Brown in 2001, this device solves the 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube....

It takes about twenty minutes to set up.

Parts list

Programming Modifications

Changes to the programming:

All together, not counting the computer, it cost about $1,000. If the parts could be gotten efficiently, without having to buy whole kits for one part, it would probably cost a couple hundred. It cost $300 for green pieces alone. For the software licenses, there was the new kit for the latest revisions, an older kit for the serial communication, and a special kit for vision.


The most difficult thing about building this project was getting ahold of the right pieces in the right colors. Parts were acquired from Italy, England, Australia, and Germany and some of the parts in this CubeSolver still are not the right colors.

It's important to lubricate the cubes properly. Among Teflon, silicone, and others, the best lubricant is a mixture of graphite and cleanser.

Timing problems.

Power problems.

Grip strength.


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